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Ewha Womans University Center for Climate /Environment Change Prediction Research

The ultimate goal of this center's research is to understand the relationship between long-term climate change and short-term local environmental changes. CCCPR aim to be a research institute that fulfills its social responsibilities by integratively reflecting on scientific questions, establishing a healthy scientific debate culture, and creating shared value with the international community, local communities, and the industrial sector


Sejoong International

Uncertainty and the impact of climate change are causing various problems in corporate management and development. Sejoong International solves these problems through expertise and extensive networking, creating diverse value together


Dream Sharing Social Cooperative

The social cooperative DreamSharing operates as a non-profit organization, linking climate change response activities with CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) projects in developing countries. Dream Sharing is active in regions such as Vietnam, Cambodia, India and Myanmar."


Green Idea Lab

Green Idea Lab is a consortium of experts who research and propose policies and business models to help our society move toward a sustainable path


MangLub Social Enterprise Vietnam

MangLub Social Enterprise Vietnam is the first social enterprise in the Tra Vinh province of Vietnam. MangLub is engaged in forestry projects and carbon reduction initiatives. Manglub also involved in strengthening capacities through environmental education and local economic revitalization.


Rainbird GEO

Develops and operates an early warning system that quickly confirms and prepares for disaster occurrences, using South Korea's stationary satellite technology, with the aim of creating a safe society for everyone. Rainbird is also specialized in the field of climate change adaptation, focusing on disaster-related areas caused by the climate crisis


JEJU Biotech

Jeju Biotech is an R&D-focused company that specializes in converting 100% of waste materials into resources through engineering technology. It is developing functional materials from Crown-of-Thorns Starfish, which are damaging the marine ecosystem of Jeju Island, as a solution to environmental pollution. It is also taking the lead in achieving carbon neutrality in South Korea's marine ecosystem industry."



AENTS is a startup providing Carbon Accounting SaaS for businesses. We are developing a platform that offers everything in corporate carbon neutrality management, from measuring and sharing carbon emissions to analysis, reduction, and trading



We streamline the emissions reporting process. With our vessel emissions management software, MarinaNet, and our carbon services, we enable maritime stakeholders to meet regulatory requirements and prove their commitment to sustainability.


Carbon Neutrality Governance Institute

Myongji University Carbon Neutrality and

Governance Institute (CNGI)

The ultimate goal of this institute is to provide organizations with the proper directions regarding technological, strategic, and environmental approaches for carbon neutrality. To this end, CNGI are conducting systematic and practical convergence research and education to help organizations achieve carbon neutrality.

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As a startup specializing in developing plant-based alternative proteins, Urban Labs Inc. seeks to simultaneously solve the food and environmental problems facing humanity. Urban Labs Inc. has the fundamental technology to extract alternative proteins from spent coffee grounds (SCG) that are discarded and burned every day, and they are developing technologies to extract proteins using other resources. 



CnerG operates the 'CberG Platform,' a global platform for trading environmental products such as RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates) and voluntary carbon credits. It utilizes blockchain distributed ledger technology to enable multinational companies to purchase RECs and carbon credits directly through the platform without intermediaries



Thingspire, a leading AI-based integrated carbon management platform company, has currently secured 43,000 (expected to reach 70,000 by year-end) global carbon emission factors and is developing a global carbon accounting service, including Scope 3 emission calculation, to comply with global ESG disclosure standards. They are expanding their services into a one-stop solution that enables carbon offset purchases, linked with energy management solutions.

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