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BASIS: Bamboo As Sustainable Impactful Solution


Project Mission

To create and promote bamboo-based sustainable solutions for energy and materials, fostering environmental and economic progress

Project Vision

Accelerate the world's transition to sustainable living through bamboo innovation

Project Goals

Bamboo Plantation:

Develop and expand sustainable bamboo plantations, demonstrating bamboo's adaptability and environmental benefits.

Carbon-Negative Power Plant:

Establish a power plant using bamboo gasification to generate energy and produce biochar, contributing to carbon-negative solutions.

Advancement in Bamboo Technology:

Innovate and introduce at least three groundbreaking technologies for processing and utilizing bamboo, boosting its efficiency in energy and material sectors.

Bamboo as a Sustainable Resource:

Utilize bamboo as a sustainable resource for creating a range of eco-friendly products.

Reduction in Carbon Footprint:

Aim for a significant, quantifiable reduction in carbon emissions through bamboo products, aligning with international climate goals.

Global Partnerships and Education:

Form partnerships with at least ten international entities and launch educational initiatives to enhance understanding and use of bamboo in sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Bamboo Planting


Nationwide, India

Bamboo Planting


Nationwide, Senegal

Bamboo Planting


Nationwide, Ethiopia

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