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Bridging Goals, Brightening Futures: Beyond Carbon, Toward Global Empowerment


Situated in the carbon reduction sector, KCCTS advances cleaner energy solutions towards carbon neutrality. Our services span sustainable business identification, technology procurement, and green product distribution. We aim to aid carbon reduction and fulfill UN-SDGs in Least Developed and Developing Countries through green energy transitions. This reflects our commitment to global sustainability and nature-based solutions for carbon avoidance and removal.

We specialize in hedging against greenwashing, fraud, and financial risks, safeguarding eco-investments' profitability. Our revenue structuring fortifies organizations' financial frameworks on their energy transition journey.

At KCCTS, we're forging a sustainable future, ensuring investments contribute to a greener planet while remaining secure and lucrative.

Aligned with sister companies, Social Coop Dreamsharing of Korea and MangLub Social Enterprise of Vietnam, we amplify our impact. Dreamsharing aids climate change adaptation and child cancer patients' school readiness. MangLub promotes afforestation in the Mekong Delta, protects communities from tsunamis, reduces salinity intrusion, rejuvenates biodiversity, and provides environmental education, marking collective strides towards a sustainable, inclusive global landscape.

Kim, Hangsok


Hangsok Kim, the CEO at KCCTS, Dreamsharing Social Coop, MangLub Social Enterprise Vietnam, steers these ventures towards notable social and environmental impacts.

Hangsok Kim pursued his academic endeavors at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he delved into social entrepreneurship and emission reduction strategies. Following his formal education, Hangsok founded Dreamsharing Social Coop and later assumed the CEO role at MangLub Social Enterprise Vietnam, before leading the team at KCCTS, Ltd.
At KCCTS, Hangsok drives carbon reduction projects aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs) in Least Developed Countries (LDCs), targeting both emission reduction and enhanced community living standards.
MangLub's mission under Hangsok's guidance is restoring mangrove forests in the Mekong Delta, which bolsters biodiversity, curbs carbon emissions, and shields communities from climate adversities. Dreamsharing, led by Hangsok, aids child cancer patients and catalyzes community development in LDCs, tackling poverty, education, and healthcare challenges.
The synergy across these ventures mirrors Hangsok's holistic approach to emission reduction, social impact, and sustainable development, establishing him as a cornerstone in social enterprise and environmental sustainability realms.
Beyond leadership, Hangsok disseminates knowledge in forums like the APEC WORKSHOP on Promoting Social Enterprises and the Social Impact Forum, and contributes to disaster management projects in Cambodia, embodying his dedication to nurturing sustainable, inclusive global communities.


Myoung, Sungyun

Team Leader

Sungyun, fortified with a solid foundation in electrical engineering from Dongguk University, Seoul, takes the helm of key projects at KCCTS, seamlessly dovetailing his electrical expertise with our carbon reduction initiatives. His illustrious career encapsulates pivotal roles at esteemed organizations, where he meticulously honed his project management acumen and system design skills.


His profound understanding and application of electrical engineering principles significantly amplify our capability to devise innovative carbon reduction solutions. At KCCTS, Sungyun's adeptness in bridging technical expertise with sustainable objectives propels our projects towards achieving substantial carbon neutrality, especially in Least Developed and Developing Countries.


Lee, Kyungjung

Senior Director

Kyungjung, enriched by a diverse background in the travel industry, MICE, and hospitality, perceived the carbon footprint intertwined with aviation and travel. This insight propelled him towards KCCTS, where he now navigates key initiatives like mangrove planting and orchestrates significant corporate CSR and ESG programs, aligning them with our carbon reduction objectives.


His extensive industry experience merges seamlessly with our mission, offering a unique perspective in mitigating carbon emissions within travel-related sectors. At KCCTS, Kyungjung's stewardship is vital in crafting and executing sustainable solutions, significantly contributing to our goal of fostering carbon neutrality in Least Developed and Developing Countries.



Haley Jeonghee

Project Manager

Haley is a seasoned professional deeply entrenched in the Maritime sector, showcasing proficiency as a marine engineer and ship broker specialized in project development. With a profound understanding of carbon-intensive industries, she leverages her expertise to play a pivotal role in expanding the business activities of KCCTS.

Based in the vibrant Asian hub of Singapore, Haley strategically utilizes her location to identify and establish partnerships with key market players in Southeast Asia. Her unique blend of technical acumen and business insight positions her as a valuable asset for KCCTS, presenting opportunities for substantial growth in carbon reduction projects.


Choi, Seokwon

Sales and Networking Officer

Seokwon Choi's career is marked by extensive experience in travel, aviation, and consulting, which has allowed him to cultivate a robust network across these dynamic industries. His professional path has been characterized by his adeptness in establishing strategic partnerships and expanding business opportunities. His astute grasp of market trends has been essential in formulating innovative sales strategies and advancing networking initiatives.

In his role as Sales and Networking Director at KCCTS, Seokwon is instrumental in broadening our customer base and deepening ties with key partners. He is adept at matching client needs with our tailored solutions, always with a focus on sustainable and ethical business practices. His leadership guarantees that our sales methods are not just successful but also reflect our commitment to social responsibility, especially in the context of developing markets.


Kwon, HB

Legal and Compliance Advisor

Kwon, HB enriches KCCTS with his extensive expertise in law and sustainable development. As the founder, a Vanderbilt University Law School graduate, and an attorney licensed in New York State, Kwon, HB has a notable career path. He has worked with the Sustainable Cities Foundation in Canada, held strategic positions at Seohan Group and Hyosung, and led legal departments at S-Energy Group and BMW Group Korea. His roles as CEO of HB & Partners and CSO at EN Technologies underline his commitment to driving sustainable business practices.


At KCCTS, Kwon, HB's deep legal and strategic insights are pivotal in ensuring compliance and ethical standards, contributing significantly to our goal of pioneering green futures and securing sustainable investments.


Pham, Thy

NBS and

Regional Advisor

Thy Pham enriches KCCTS with her strategic vision and a proven track record in the environmental sector. She merges her expertise in office management and HR with a passion for green farming initiatives, echoing KCCTS's pursuit of carbon neutrality and UN-SDGs fulfillment.

Located in Tra Vinh, Thy's work with mangrove reforestation dovetails with KCCTS’s nature-based solutions for carbon avoidance. Her grasp of Vietnamese labor laws and hands-on experience with sustainable project management solidify her role as a key asset in KCCTS’s expansion into Southeast Asia.

Thy is set to reinforce KCCTS's defenses against greenwashing and financial risks, ensuring eco-investments remain profitable and aligned with global sustainability goals. Her addition to KCCTS signifies a strategic step toward amplifying the company’s impact and driving secure, profitable green investments.

How we work

At KCCTS, we navigate the realm of carbon reduction, propelling cleaner energy pathways towards carbon neutrality. Our suite of services aims to foster carbon reduction and actualize UN-SDGs in Least Developed and Developing Countries through green energy transitions.

Risk Mitigation

We provide a robust shield against greenwashing, fraud, and financial hazards, ensuring the integrity and profitability of eco-investments. Our revenue structuring strategies bolster organizations' financial scaffolds, making their energy transition journey secure and rewarding.

Collaborative Impact

In harmony with sister entities, Social Coop Dreamsharing and MangLub Social Enterprise, we magnify our sustainability impact, further enriched through education, campaigns, donations, and training initiatives. Dreamsharing plays a pivotal role in climate adaptation and aiding child cancer patients' school readiness, while MangLub spearheads afforestation and community education in the Mekong Delta, with collaborative efforts extending to global corporations, local governments, and international non-profit organizations.

Nature-Based Solutions

Our approach mirrors a commitment to global sustainability, exploring nature-based solutions for carbon evasion and extraction. Through these endeavors, we aim to forge a sustainable and inclusive global milieu, extending beyond the carbon tunnel vision.

Global Empowerment

At KCCTS, we advocate a perspective that fosters a broader spectrum of global empowerment, ensuring investments contribute to a greener planet. Our collaborative efforts with sister companies mark collective strides towards an enriched, sustainable global landscape.

Our Projects

Project: Mangrove planting in Mekong Delta area coastline, Vietnam

Year: 2018 – current / KCS and SKCS

Project: Environmental protection education and campaign in Tra Vinh, Vietnam

Year: 2018 – current / Community enhancement

Project: Climate Change adaptation using early alert weather system and now-casting, Southeast Asia

Year: 2021 – 2022 / Korea Meteorological Administration

Project: Sustainable Charcoal and Improved Cookstove Initiative Using Micro-gasifier in India

Year: 2022 / Verra VCS / VCS ID: 3954 Current projects 

Project: African Sustainable Charcoal Initiative in Ghana with micro gasifier stove

Year: 2023 / ITMO / In process Current projects 



We welcome potential Implementation Partners to join us in making a lasting impact. Your collaboration is crucial for scaling our efforts towards a greener, sustainable world.

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