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: Ghana Phase I & II


Nationwide, Ghana



Est. Tonnes of CO2 Reduced


Micro Gasifier Distributed


Average annual MOs

10 years

Total number of Phase I & II crediting years


The Project

Project Overview

This initiative, embarked upon in the rich landscapes of Ghana, unveils a comprehensive approach to revolutionize the charcoal production sector. By integrating advanced large kiln facilities and micro gasifier stoves, the project holds the promise of significantly reducing emissions while fostering sustainable charcoal production practices. The underpinning objective is to set up efficient charcoal production facilities, with a scale of up to 160,000 tons per annum, fueled by renewable biomass, and to distribute Top-Lit Up Draft (TLUD) Micro Gasifier stoves to local households.


Large-Scale Charcoal Production

The establishment of modern large kiln facilities encapsulates the essence of sustainable charcoal production. By contracting with bamboo plantation developers in Ghana, and promoting the establishment of woodlots, a continual source of renewable biomass fuel is ensured.

The emission reduction potential is palpable, with an estimated reduction of 978,008 tCO2eq per year, culminating to a cumulative total of 5,868,048 tCO2eq by 2030.

Micro Gasifier Stove Distribution

The distribution of TLUD Micro Gasifier stoves to local households marks a significant stride towards self-sustained charcoal production. Facilitating the collection of charcoal generated as a byproduct, this component not only serves the immediate needs of households but also contributes to the broader objective of emission reduction—estimated at 1,232,220 tCO2eq per year, with a cumulative total of 7,393,320 tCO2eq by 2030.

Alignment with National and Global Objectives

The initiative has received a Letter of Intent (LOI) from host country authorities, affirming alignment with Ghana's Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) priorities.

Furthermore, this project is heralded as an Internationally Transferred Mitigation Outcome (ITMOs) initiative, aimed at securing ITMOs authorized for use as Korean NDC.

Sectoral Focus and Policy Actions

  • Sector: Energy

  • Policy Actions: A robust promotion of sustainable charcoal production is envisaged, encompassing the inclusion of youth and women entrepreneurs.

  • NDC Actions: The promotion of innovative and efficient kilns, alongside the support for the establishment of woodlots, forms the crux of actions aligned with the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC).

  • POA Index: PO40, PO41

  • Status: Conditional NDC


The African Sustainable Charcoal Initiative in Ghana is more than a project; it’s a testament to what robust planning paired with sustainable practices can achieve. The dual approach—of setting up large-scale efficient charcoal production facilities and disseminating micro gasifier stoves—stands as a formidable strategy to not only reduce emissions significantly but also to nurture a culture of sustainable charcoal production and usage, aligning seamlessly with both local and global sustainability objectives.

Est. Tonnes of CO2 Reduced


Project Life

10 years

Types of Offsets Produced

ITMO (Paris Agreement Article 6.2)

Sustainable Development Goals



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Registry and Certifications

ITMO (Paris Agreement Article 6.2)

The Project Developer

ENCC: “Vital Sustainability Solutions”

ENCC is a leading force in the battle against climate change, specializing in greenhouse gas reduction. The primary focus of ENCC's work is the reduction of methane emissions and the use of biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels, which leads to the development of high-quality and high-efficiency emission reduction projects globally. Supported by a cadre of top experts, ENCC operates under the principles of high coverage and high value and actively drives the transition to a more sustainable future. Investment.

KCCTS “Pioneering Green Futures, Safeguarding Sustainable Investments”

KCCTS is a trailblazer in the sustainable energy sector, dedicated to facilitating the transition towards cleaner energy and achieving carbon neutrality. Our comprehensive suite of services includes identifying sustainable business opportunities, securing cutting-edge technologies, establishing robust services, and amplifying the distribution of green products. Beyond that, we specialize in hedging against greenwashing, fraud, and financial risks associated with eco-friendly investments. At KCCTS, we're not just envisioning a sustainable future - we're actively creating it, while ensuring the safety and profitability of your investment.

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