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NEXUS for Vital Sustainability Solutions


ENCC is a trailblazer in GHG reduction project with substantial co-benefits and solid monitoring system. Our primary direction commences with the identification of GHG reduction targets that are linked to sustainable development of local stakeholders.


As the project developer and Coordinating and Managing Entity (CME), Mission of ENCC is to enable the greenhouse gas reduction outcomes of such activities can be recognized as carbon credits. This serves the NEXUS role of connecting sustainable business opportunities aligned with the needs of local stakeholders to sound and sustainable carbon financing.

Cheoung, Hyun Young


Hyun Young Cheoung serves as the CEO and a pivotal GHG mitigation project developer at Econexus Carbon Credit (ENCC).

With a foundational background in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Management from Seoul National University, Hyun Young transitioned into greenhouse gas mitigation. His academic journey commenced with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, followed by a Master of Science in Environmental Management.

Before becoming the CEO at ENCC in January 2020, Hyun Young gained experience as an Intern at the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) in 2010, and as Technical Research Personnel at Technovalue from 2008.

At ENCC, he has been instrumental in securing advanced technologies, negotiating with local partners, and coordinating the project registration processes. A notable achievement is the secured Program of Activities (PoA) for Korean investments in coal mine methane projects in China, marked as PoA7654.

Hyun Young's blend of technical expertise, academic excellence, and a history of fostering sustainable investments positions him as a cornerstone of ENCC’s mission to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and champion carbon credit initiatives.


Cheoung, Hae-Bong


Hae-Bong Cheoung is a recognized trailblazer in the sustainable energy sector, currently extending his expertise as an advisor at Econexus Carbon Credit (ENCC).

His academic foundation is rooted in Business Management and Management Science, having earned a Bachelor of Science from Yeungnam University, followed by a Master's degree from KAIST, Korea. Hae-Bong further delved into Management Science as a Ph.D. candidate at KAIST until 1989.

The journey into professional excellence commenced in 1995 when Hae-Bong founded Eco-frontier, where he continues to serve as CEO. His venture into organizational leadership extended as he assumed the role of Vice President at Korea Environment Consulting Association in 2008, a position he holds alongside being a Director at Korea Sustainability Investing Forum.

In 2009, his sphere of influence widened as he became the Director of National Assembly Forum on Climate Change and CEO of Eco Carbon Partners UK. Subsequently, in 2010, he was appointed as the Vice President of Korea Environmental Management Association.

His tenure from 2013 as an Adjunct Professor at KAIST Business School is a testament to his profound knowledge and willingness to foster the next generation of sustainable energy leaders.

With a rich history in developing numerous biomass power plant projects and engagement in 11 CDM projects, Hae-Bong’s extensive experience is a valuable asset to ENCC as an advisor. His unparalleled understanding of sustainable energy and climate change projects significantly enhances ENCC’s pursuits in championing carbon credit initiatives and furthering the global sustainable energy agenda.​​


Jang, Byung Il


Byung Il Jang stands as a paragon in sustainable business and green finance, making him an ideal advisor for Econexus Carbon Credit (ENCC). As the Founder and Chief Project Officer at Green Idea Lab LLC, he has been at the forefront of developing and implementing strategies that align with ENCC’s mission of GHG reduction and sustainable development.

With a comprehensive academic background in European Economics, Green Policy, and Law, Byung Il is well-versed in the intricacies of environmental legislation, international trade law, and economics. He is currently a PhD candidate in European Economics at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies and holds a Master of Arts in Green Policy from KAIST.

His tenure as an Adjunct Professor at KAIST has been marked by his commitment to educating future leaders about sustainable business practices and green finance. His role at Samil PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC Korea) as a Senior Manager in the Global Sustainability and Climate Change Division involved significant contributions to sustainability initiatives, further cementing his expertise in this field.

Byung Il's experience with Green Idea Lab LLC highlights his proficiency in consulting on green growth and sustainable development strategies, directly aligning with ENCC's goals. He has led projects focused on climate finance and green business models, which are crucial for the development of GHG reduction projects with substantial co-benefits.

His international experience and linguistic skills in Korean, English, and Portuguese, along with his adeptness in various digital tools, make him a valuable asset for ENCC's global initiatives. His role in policy advisory and startup mentoring, especially in green technology sectors, aligns seamlessly with ENCC’s focus on connecting sustainable business opportunities to sustainable carbon financing.

Byung Il Jang's blend of legal, economic, and environmental acumen, combined with his leadership in sustainable development and green finance, positions him as an invaluable advisor for ENCC’s mission to champion greenhouse gas reduction initiatives and foster sustainable development.

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How we work

ENCC is known for high-impact, high-integrity GHG reduction projects on a substantial scale.

We surpass industry norms, driving enduring change and adoption, especially in underprivileged rural areas.

Community Collaboration

We foster long-term ties with communities and local stakeholders, employing a hands-on approach to grasp their challenges and needs.

This interaction enhances our project design and execution continually, creating impactful, high-quality projects for those in need.

On-the-Ground Implementation and Alliances

We execute projects directly or through a range of field-based partners for maximum on-ground impact.

This ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach, aided by our trusted network of partners, addresses key issues like health, gender, and environment, building a sustainable ecosystem.

Project Accountability

Transparency guides every project phase. Projects are recorded on a cloud-based system for thorough monitoring and follow-up. Our in-country teams and external auditors conduct periodic reviews, promoting ongoing project improvement.

Integrated Operations

Our carbon projects demand robust manufacturing capabilities, met through strategic partnerships. Such alliances help in developing and testing sustainable energy products, and understanding market needs. Ventures like the Micro gasifier project in India and the African Sustainable Charcoal Initiative in Ghana exemplify our integrated approach in reducing GHG and promoting sustainable energy solutions.

Our Projects

Project: Dafosi Coal Mine Low Concentration Coal Mine Methane Power Generation

Year: 2008 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 2428

Project: Fujian Cement #4 and #5 Kilns Waste Heat Recovery for Power Generation

Year: 2008 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 2763

Project: Yunnan Baoshan Baihuashu Hydropower Bundled

Year: 2009 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 5426

Project: Wuda Wuhushan Coal Mine Methane Power Generation

Year: 2009 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 5026

Project: Jiangxi Huichang Bal’e 21MW Hydro Power

Year: 2011 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 3789

Project: Baoji Lingyuan Landfill Gas Recovery and Utilization

Year: 2011 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 5466

Project: Yunnan Tengchong County Hehua Bundled Hydropower

Year: 2011 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 5454

Project: Linhai MSW Incineration for Power

Year: 2011 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 6627

Project: Gansu Yumen Second Cascade Hydropower Station

Year: 2012 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 5966

Project: Shandong Pingyuan 30MW Biomass Cogeneration

Year: 2012 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 8110

Project: Dongjia Low Temperature Waste Heat Recovery

Year: 2013 / UN CDM / UNFCCC ID: 7405

Project: Sustainable Charcoal and Improved Cookstove Initiative Using Micro-gasifier in India

Year: 2022 / Verra VCS / VCS ID: 3954 Current projects 

Project: African Sustainable Charcoal Initiative in Ghana with micro gasifier stove

Year: 2023 / ITMO / In process Current projects 


We welcome potential Implementation Partners to join us in making a lasting impact. Your collaboration is crucial for scaling our efforts towards a greener, sustainable world.

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